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30 Aug2013

Branding Your Intranet

Branding and Company Identity are key buzzwords in the business world; and this blog looks at why it is important to brand your Intranet, even though it is for internal use only.  So let’s start at the beginning and look at what branding actuall ...[Read more]

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08 Aug2013

Core SharePoint Survey 2013

Core have today released the results of their 2013 SharePoint survey. Collated by E-Media, a leading B2B campaign and lead generation company, they make for interesting reading and show that SharePoint is far from a deceased product! From 235 respo ...[Read more]

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12 Jul2013

Share in SharePoint 2013 - What does it mean to you?

Back in January we wrote a blog introducing readers to SharePoint 2013 and giving a brief overview into each of the 5 new areas.  In the next few blog posts we are going to break this down even further and offer you a complete overview of each one ...[Read more]

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10 May2013

Office 365 - SharePoint Online

Hi all and welcome back to Office 365 keeping it simple! Firstly to anyone who is a fan of this blog series (there must be someone out there right?!) I apologise for the delay in getting this blog written. Due to being busy at work and faced wit ...[Read more]

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01 Mar2013

A Diary from the European SharePoint Conference 2013

Sitting alone in Heathrow airport awaiting the 06:40 plane to Copenhagen and the European SharePoint Conference gave me an opportunity to do a bit of work (none of the shops were open and I had no book). My laptop had been checked in already, so u ...[Read more]

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