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08 Aug2013

Core SharePoint Survey 2013

Core have today released the results of their 2013 SharePoint survey. Collated by E-Media, a leading B2B campaign and lead generation company, they make for interesting reading and show that SharePoint is far from a deceased product! From 235 respo ...[Read more]

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01 Mar2013

A Diary from the European SharePoint Conference 2013

Sitting alone in Heathrow airport awaiting the 06:40 plane to Copenhagen and the European SharePoint Conference gave me an opportunity to do a bit of work (none of the shops were open and I had no book). My laptop had been checked in already, so u ...[Read more]

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06 Jul2012
Microsoft World Partner Conference

WPC - 3 Days and Counting

In 3 days times the biggest gathering of Microsoft Partners from around the world takes place in Toronto and I for one cannot wait to attend my 7th World Partner Conference.   This year sees us going to Canada, one Country I have never visited but ...[Read more]

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15 May2012

Making the most of your Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft

Two weeks ago Microsoft announced their new pricing structure for Enterprise Accounts and volume licensing; resulting in a 25% price increase for Enterprise accounts and a 29% increase for volume licenses.   These price increases are due to take ...[Read more]

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18 Apr2012
Virtual SharePoint Team

Core at the International SharePoint Conference

With just under a week to go until the International SharePoint Conference here in London, this week’s blog focuses on our Virtual SharePoint Team, which we will be showcasing at next week’s premier SharePoint Conference.   Now in its fourth co ...[Read more]

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