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Yesterday the Government launched its long awaited G-Cloud Framework and associated Government CloudStore to help public sector organisations procure new IT solutions easier and faster.
But in a time when we are all trying to save money, cut back and tighten our belts is this the best tool for the job?  The Government has had a long line of ill-fated IT projects; but this one has a very different feel about it.  The Government are suggesting that the G-Cloud alone can save approximately £140m this year for the Cabinet Office.
It hopes that this system will provide an IT system fit for the 21st Century, help deliver their strategy of savings and provide a quicker, easier, cheaper and more transparent purchasing system for both the public sector organisations and the Suppliers, like Core, who are listed on the store. 
The Framework houses over 1700 cloud computing services from over 250 global suppliers and had 5000 page views in the first two hours alone.  Companies listed are both small and medium sized enterprises that are now on a level playing field and thus allowing more choice to the public sector.
Core is listed as a Specialist Cloud Supplier and is looking forward to working with the public sector to ensure that Microsoft Office 365 and Cloud Computing are available to all.  We have been at the forefront of Microsoft’s Cloud service as a Cloud Accelerate Partner and in November 2011 were crowned Cloud Champions and this listing gives us the opportunity to continue to grow our Cloud offering and ensure that we are at the centre of the Government’s plans to embed Cloud computing into the majority of its services. 
We would love to know what you think of G-cloud and the Government’s plans, do you agree with what they are hoping to achieve?  Do you think it will save the money they think?
Posted by  Claire  on  21/02/2012
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