Microsoft Portals and Collaboration 

One of Core’s key areas of expertise is in delivering Portals and Collaboration solutions using Microsoft SharePoint and all of the associated services which can be offered using the Microsoft Office System.

What we do
Core has developed several portal solutions using Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office System. Our Portals and Collaboration solutions are unique to our clients, allowing them to lower development and deployments costs, collaborate more effectively and significantly increase productivity.

A portal is like a doorway through which all employees go to work. Inside, they find information, new ways of collaborating with colleagues, and access to corporate business systems. A portal can also improve the way business partners interact with your company, allowing customers to share information and access your services more easily.

By enabling faster access to information and more informed, accountable decision-making, portals can streamline all business functions, from finance management and human resources to marketing and sales.

How to get started
Core's QuickStart for sharePoint is a great way to determine if portal and Collaborative solutions can help your organisation meet or exceed its business goals.
Click here to download our QuickStart for Portals information sheet.