Microsoft Virtual SharePoint Team  

Why Hire One SharePoint Consultant
When You Can Hire a Whole Team?

Get access to the full range of SharePoint expertise, on-site, guaranteed!

With over 10 years' experience working with SharePoint, a Virtual SharePoint Team from Core is like having your very own SharePoint team!

What is a Virtual SharePoint Team?
Core's Virtual SharePoint Team is a unique alternative to hiring an internal SharePoint resource. Core will provide your organisation with up to full-time access to our extensive team of SharePoint experts for little more than the cost of hiring a single in-house consultant.

How Does It Work?
You purchase an agreed number of days per week on a yearly basis in which Core will guarantee an experienced SharePoint consultant will be on your site and available for everything from SharePoint projects to support and evangelising. So, for example, a 100-day engagement would give you access to an in-house developer, designer or even a project manager two days per week, all year!

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual SharePoint Team?
There are a number of benefits to hiring a Virtual SharePoint Team from Core over an in-house SharePoint team including:

Training And Recruitment Costs
By taking advantage of Core's extensive range of SharePoint experts, you will be eliminating the time and costs involved in recruiting, training and up-skilling new consultants.

Retain Knowledge
When key consultants move on, key skills and knowledge can also be lost. With a Virtual SharePoint Team, you can be sure that your organisation's access to these skills remains constant.

No Lost Days
Eliminate the loss of productivity incurred through illness and holiday. Core guarantee a consultant will be on your site every day of your agreed term, without fail.

A More Flexible Approach
Core's Virtual SharePoint Team gives your organisation the flexibility to undertake whatever SharePoint requirements are of most value to the company at any given time.

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