Microsoft SharePoint Training 

Core provides comprehensive training on the applications and solutions delivered in order to increase your user adoption and start realising the business benefits of the solution more rapidly.

Our training is delivered by a team of experts who help transfer their knowledge and skills to your business users driving best practice and a quicker return on investment.

We offer training in the form of on-site workshops, administrator and user training, train the trainer, user guides & manuals and training videos.

User Training
User training sessions will be provided in a classroom type setting that allows users to get an in-depth knowledge of your system before they begin using it in earnest. These training sessions incorporate the same day to day functions as the user guide. These can be held on your site or at our offices.

Administrator Training
In the Administrator training our trainers will cover the more advanced aspects your system such as system administration, reports etc. The groups should be kept quite small, no more than 6 people per session, as they’ll be more intense than the user training. These can be held on your site or at our offices.

On-Site Training
Our trainers will go to your workplace to conduct half-day workshops that cover a step-by-step guide on how to use the features of your new solution.

Train The Trainer
Train the trainer sessions can be provided for both user and administration training. The sessions are very small, ideally on a one to one basis to allow for maximum handover. We will bring your trainers up to speed with your new system enabling them to pass on the full working knowledge to other members of your organisation.

User Guides & Administrator Manuals
Our team of experts has been able to create a unique blend of training documentation and best practice guides and manuals.

A user guide is primarily used for new starters to learn how to use the system and also by existing users as a reference model. It contains most of the day to day functions required by the majority of users.

An administrator manual is used to give guidance for simple administrator tasks such as updating look up lists as well as additional user functions that only specific users will perform such as running reports.

Training Videos
Our trainers will create video walkthroughs of your new system to allow new starters to receive a level of training on the system without having to organise formal training.  These videos would last around an hour or two in length (dependent on the size of the system and amount of content to be included).

Can't Find The Training Style Or Content You Are Looking For? 
We are happy to customise and put together a training programe that is suitable for your organisation. Contact us today to talk to us about your requirements.