SharePoint Deployment Planning Services 

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) are designed to help your organisation plan an effective deployment of Microsoft SharePoint. SDPS includes a broad range of planning services – SharePoint 2010 Deployment Planning, SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Planning and SharePoint for Internet Sites Planning – that help you optimise the effectiveness of SharePoint capabilities, lower the cost of deployment, and improve the productivity of your organisation.

There are three types of SDPS engagements:

SharePoint Deployment Planning
Get help developing customised SharePoint deployment plans with SharePoint Deployment Planning Services. This flexible engagement allows you to focus on scenarios that are most relevant to your business based on your unique business drivers.

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Planning
If you have already deployed SharePoint 2007, the 2010 upgrade engagement helps you discover the value of upgrading existing features and deploying new and enhanced additional capabilities. Plan your upgrades early by building a customised migration plan.

SharePoint for Internet Sites
This engagement helps you develop a plan to use SharePoint to deliver an end-to-end platform with web content management, search, ecommerce, social networking features, and digital asset management. Equally important for internet-facing solutions is understanding site usage and the appropriate use of analytics. Planning for these needs up front is central to successful internet deployments.

Core can guide you through a highly effective planning process using best practices for getting more out of your SharePoint investment. The number of engagement days is 1, 3, 5, 10, or 15—as determined by your Software Assurance coverage.

What to Do Next?
If you are interested and want to check if your organisation qualifies, please contact the Core team.