SharePoint Project Methodology 

Core uses the SCRUM methodology as it allows us to remain agile during development, enabling us to react quickly to potential amendments.

SCRUM is a software development framework, in which projects are structured in cycles of jobs called Sprints. During each Sprint, our development team pulls from a prioritised list of business requirements, thereby ensuring that the features that are developed first are of the highest value to your organisation.

Once each Sprint has been completed, a potentially deployable product is delivered with a demonstration of any new functionality. The result is improved customer satisfaction by rapid, regular delivery of useable software.

SCRUM promotes the following principles:

  • Business-facing a degree of change - new working practices being implemented
  • System is driven by flexible business requirements
  • Bite size deliverables
  • Quicker delivery
  • Joint working
  • Maximising the use of an alloted budget

The structure of the client project team is made up of the following  elements:

Project Working Team
The main function of the Project Working Team is the design, development, testing and implementation of the system. There are two elements to this team:

  • Core Development Team
  • Functional Contact

Core Development Team
The Core Development Team is the team Core assigns to work with the client to deliver the project. The team comprises of a number of roles as applicable to each individual project.  These roles can include:

  • Operational Account Manager (OAM)
  • Project Lead (Project Manager)
  • Senior Development Lead
  • Senior Infrastructure/Architecture Lead
  • Developer
  • Infrastructure Consultant
  • Delivery Consultant

Functional Contact
This is one of the most important roles in the project. This individual is normally sourced from within the business and works very closely with Core’s development team. This resource effectively acts as an extended member of the development team. In some cases the FC and the development team sit together for the duration of the project thus ensuring a high level of interaction and communication.