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System Center: Pragmatic savings through Data Center, desktop and device management

    Seminar Overview

    In any organisation, the cost of improving and running the data center is high in money and time. What if you could bring your data center into the future to increase the optimisation and running of your all important data, while reducing the operational infrastructure and staff time?

    Join Core, a leading Microsoft Partner in the Cloud OS space, to find out how with Microsoft System Center you can do this and much more. This session will cover why you should be looking to the Cloud for your data center, desktop and device management and will address the business benefits and technical aspects of making this a reality in your organisation.
    Speaker: Dan Oliver, Principal Architect, Core

    Dr Daniel Oliver is Head of Core's Datacenter, Desktop and Devices Practice. His role involves working with clients to identify solutions and managed services that reduce costs and empower productivity.
    Prior to joining Core GB Dan had worked for Microsoft as an Enterprise Strategy Consultant and Architect for 10 years, during which Dan had played a pivotal role in defining and influencing strategies that have significantly reduced customer’s IT spendings. Dan has also worked as a Chief Technology Officer for the Faculty of Advocates where he lead a datacenter and desktop transformation programme.