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Proper Cornish
Based near the famous Bodmin Moor in North Cornwall, UK, Proper Cornish has been the leading manufacturer of handmade Cornish pasties for the past twenty-one years.

The growing food business was operating two e-mail systems, Google Mail and Lotus Notes, across its pasty and biscuit manufacturing plants in Bodmin and nearby Redruth. However, the Board wanted to bring the two facilities closer together and operate a standardised way of communicating that was cost-effective, low maintenance, and provided one e-mail address for employees across the company.

IT Manager Mark Lowe explains: “With the business growing, we were taking on more office staff at our premises in Redruth. We had wanted a consistent e-mail address and one way of working for some time, and the introduction of the new employees – and the emergence of cloud computing and online services – made it an ideal time to consider a change.”

Core migrated Proper Cornish to Microsoft Exchange Online.
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