Introduction to Office 365 Videos 

Core and Microsoft teamed up with PC Pro to produce a series of videos discussing the features and benefits of Microsoft Office 365. Click the links below to watch the videos and start learning how the different elements of Office 365 can benefit your organisation:

A Introduction to SharePoint OnlineAn introduction to SharePoint Online

SharePoint has been bringing massive benefits to big business for years: no more emailing documents to one another, no more lost information. Click here to watch the video.

An Introduction to Exchange OnlineAn introduction to Exchange Online

Exchange Online moves your email out of your server room and into the cloud - our panel of experts discuss the benefits, the worries and the cost savings involved. Click here to watch the video.

An Introduction to Lyn OnlineAn introduction to Lync Online

If your workforce is spread across multiple sites and countries, it's not always easy to communicate, but Lync Online can break down geographical barriers. Click here to watch the video.

An Introduction to Office Web AppsAn introduction to Office Web Apps

Even if you don't have access to your own computer you can still edit and update documents thanks to Office Web Apps. Click here to watch the video.

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